Thursday, August 13, 2009


Smack A White Boy Round II: CrimethInc. Eviction

Facts, Questions, General Clarifications, and Opinion

Here are ten additional facts, clarifications, and opinion points. The ones with original quotes are responses to comments left on the posting of the first fifteen points.

  1. It has been said by many that the action participants claimed to be representing surrounding poc communities and all people of color. While easily misunderstood by some and opportunistically spun by others, the truth of the matter is that no claims of representation of surrounding communities or of people of color in general were made.

  2. At least one alternate account of the action (Tyler’s specifically) non-consensually included a description of the apoc caucus that occurred before the action. Caucuses are suppose to be safe spaces for the oppressed. It is a violation of this safety and the assumed confidentiality of the caucus to publish a report on what was shared during. It is the opinion of this author that all such reports should be immediately removed from the public view and those who participated in the caucus should receive a prompt apology.

  1. Several poc who are against the action have stated that action participants should have consulted with them ahead of time, and have made this statement in a way implying that simply because the action organizers are poc and they are too, that there is automatic camaraderie and the lack of consultation disrespected this. This assumption seems to ignore that white people have colonized more than our lands, throughout history and continuing today they wage sophisticated campaigns to colonize our minds. Unfortunately they’ve had enough success that I cannot assume someone is on my side simply because they are poc.

  1. In one account of the action, Tyler, one of the poc crimethinc organizers, makes assumptions about the physical capabilities of the action participants and makes arrogant claims about their own. The author wants to state simply: I don’t care how tall and strong you are Tyler, you have no idea what any of us could have done and I’d be more careful about letting your physical abilities get to your head, you might find yourself quickly dispatched one of these days by someone presumably less capable.

  1. It was claimed that two white “allies” that were at the convergence all week, Sand and Marvel, did not help communicate the policy information that would have helped lessen the impact of the convergence on the surrounding communities. This is blatantly false. Both communicated to people hanging outside of the building and massing on the lawn that they should keep indoors or go the park or cemetery. They did this repeatedly, and for the most part people did not listen. It seems clear to the author that these kinds of claims are designed to absolve organizers of their egregious conduct and failure to enforce their own policies, designed to decredit the efforts of white people who actually saw a problem and sought to act, and designed to divert attention away from the problematic nature of the convergence itself.

  1. Organizers of the convergence (and perhaps a few others) have claimed that the surrounding communities did not have a problem with the convergence. It is the experience of at least two poc who attended the entire convergence that they were looked to by poc in the surrounding neighborhoods for answers as to why masses of white people were in the community. Their discomfort was obvious. Passing by in a vehicle one poc yelled towards the convergence space “what are you doing in the hood?!” Just because most were not as vocal as this poc does not mean that most were okay with the convergence. Silence or passive acceptance does not equal consent.

  1. “I believe to destroy the systems of oppression, we must be avowedly anti-sectarian. We must build coalitions. And we must be balanced in our patience and anger when we're dealing with the contradictions within our allies or would-be allies.”

What is meant by the term sectarian here? I see white people as the oppressor and I don't see white anarchists struggling for the same thing as I. I've been working for white radicals for sometime now and they have never struggled with me. Always their own agenda. Always trying to set the terms for my participation. It is clear to me that my experience with them is no aberration. The claim that the SAWB2 action stems from sectarianism seems to assume that we are in a struggle together and there are different parties. I don't agree with this assumption. While white "anarchists" package and portray their role in society differently, they have no more legitimacy to me than overt white supremacists.

  1. ” This action put people in physical, political, and legal danger.”

It is not the action that put people in physical, legal, and political danger. CrimethInc. convergences are preconfigured as spaces where all these dangers already exist, ready to be realized at the first opportunity. CrimethInc. organizers and attendees are to blame for extending these dangers to non-consenting communities.

  1. White “anarchists” within and beyond CrimethInc. seem to think they really are anarchist simply because they are anti-capitalist. Simply put, anarchism is NOT synonymous with anti-capitalism.

  1. Some have claimed that the eviction divided the movement or accused the action with sectarianism, divisiveness, separatism, etc… One response to these claims:

The movement was not divided. Since I don't stand with white anarchists and they never stood with me, the action did nothing to divide the so-called movement. That is, unless of course you're referring to the white anarchist movement. If so, that is not a movement I am a part of. Perhaps you are suggesting then that the white anarchist movement is now torn between those who at least acknowledge their role in white supremacy to some degree and those who vehemently deny their privilege and oppressive behavior? I'm not sure the action can take such credit; but regardless, it still remains to be seen whether those acknowledging their relationship to white supremacy will do anything about it. If they are unwilling, as those who pay white privilege and racism lipservice have for some time now, the tear or division in the (white) "movement" is a farse.


  1. tell sand and marvel not to bother coming back to pittsburgh till they go through some type of accountability process with people who live here. as of now they are not welcome in this city and attempts to attend events here will not be treated kindly.

  2. Hey KW, I've been compiling texts, comments, etc. about SAWB2 into a zine hopefully to be published in the near future. I thought it'd do good for future reference and easier access.

    I wanted to check with you, because of your statement about confidentiality in the caucus and whatnot, if it's ok to include the 25 points of clarification and maybe other comments you've made elsewhere. Though it's already gotten up to 70+ pages of material (and counting...) and I'll have to start cutting shit out, which means mostly accounts, long statements, and posts will stay.

    I put it as a comment cuz I can't find your e-mail anywhere, but shoot me up at hacktiffler{at} Feel free to send any further comments or accounts.


  3. You know, throwing class out the window and embracing Black Nationalism is a great way for privileged POC from middle class backgrounds to claim "oppressed" status and lampshade the fact that they may be still receiving money from their rich parents, just a thought...

    Of course that would be farsecial ;) But then so is this entire blog.

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